New Melges 24 Parts!

Just in time for Charleston Race Week and the Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus are brand new Melges 24 parts and some popular ones back in stock! They are available in limited quantities, so make sure to get your order in as soon as possible. Orders can be placed by phone at 575-889-0022 or by email at

The new RBS Carbon Tapered Backstay Flicker…half the weight of the original and much more flexible! Easier to add a ton of backstay in heavy air sailing which we’ll see in Charleston and Corpus Christi. We had some in Miami for Bacardi Race Week and sold out, but now have more in stock.

Brand new shroud locks for the Open Body Turnbuckles! These are $85/set.

IMG_0461Improved Third Hands for the Open Body Turnbuckles ($100) too! See how the Shroud Locks fit with these. The Third Hand & Shroud Lock Set sold together are $175.

IMG_0462Stanchion Ball ($30) to keep the kite from getting stuck on the forward port stanchion during launches and take downs.

IMG_0463The Sail22 Ultralight Backstay ($200)…they sell out every event!

DSC_0019The Sail22 Dog Bone ($25). Top teams have been using them on their tack lines, spin halyards and main halyards to make sure they are always in the same place. No more guess work for knot tying!

DSC_0020No need for a diver anymore with the Cheap Diver. Quick, easy and efficient…and only costs $60.

DSC_0029Have you tried ferrules? We use them in our Sail22 Ultralight Backstay and they can be used in other applications too.

DSC_0022And a few of our favorite parts too. The Sail22 Carbon Tack Deflector ($125) & Carbon Jib Block Guard ($125).


DSC_0009Another favorite new item is the Soak Halyard Clip! These great plastic clips ($19.95) allow you to anchor the halyard for going upwind and then it self-releases when you hoist the kite. More details in this Soak Halyard Clip blog dedicated to it.

Feel free to call us any time at 575-889-0022 or by email at to place your order.

Melges 32 & Melges 24 Sail22 Photo Calendars for 2011 are Available!

The 2011 Sail22 Melges 24 & Melges 32 Calendars are here! Need a calendar for 2011? Check out the Sail22 Melges 24 Calendar and the Sail22 Melges 32 Calendar today. Great for crew gifts! Price is $35 plus shipping, with a team discount of 10% to orders of 4 or more. I need 20 confirmed pre-orders of each calendar to print them, so please contact me at if you are interested. All pre-orders must be received by December 23, 2010.

Melges 32 Calendar Preview!
(Double click to see enlarged.)

Melges 24 Calendar Preview!
(Double click to see enlarged.)

8 Metre Calendar for 2011

I have just finished designing the 8 Metre Photo Calendar for 2011 and am accepting pre-orders starting today as I need a minimum of twenty orders for the printer. Retail is $35 USD plus shipping. It includes twelve gorgeous photos from the 8 Metre Worlds 2010 in Toronto, Canada hosted by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Here are the month previews. Please contact me at to order through December 23, 2010.

The team galleries from the 8 Metre Worlds in Toronto can be found here. Custom team calendars can also be designed by contacting me directly. Again, there is a minimum of 20 calendars to print.

Sail22 Tips & Tricks: A Way to Lighten Your Boat

Sail22 Tip & Trick: Using aluminum ferrules is a great way to lighten up the purchase on vangs, backstays and other systems. You can buy ferrules or sometimes even just use sailmakers thimbles. The breaking strength on a ferrule is much higher than a wire block and they are less expensive and much lighter.

Sailmakers Thimble and 5mm Ferrule

As long as it isn’t a purchase system that is being using all of the time, a ferrule will not wear out your lines. Part of the reason for this is the larger circumference on the ferrule. If you need ideas where you can use one on your boat or you just want to buy them, let us know. You can save a lot of money while lightening things up. If you know how to splice you can save even more. But don’t try this if you aren’t comfortable with your splicing ability. Have Sail22 do it for you or contact your local rigger.

5mm Ferrule with a Dyneema loop spliced on for easy attachment to a padeye. Common ferrule sizes are based on the rope size needed.

5mm OD: 24mm ID: 10mm Width: 10mm Weight: .01 lbs Deforms at: 2,500lbs 6mm OD: 29mm ID: 11mm Width: 13mm Weight: .02 lbs Deforms at: 7000 lbs 8mm OD: 36mm ID: 14mm Width: 16mm Weight: .04 lbs Deforms at: 12,500lbs 9mm OD: 46mm ID: 20mm Width: 18mm Weight: .08 lbs Deforms at: 15,000lb 10mm OD: 54mm ID: 24mm Width: 22mm Weight: .10 lbs Deforms at: 17,500lbs 12mm OD: 64mm ID: 26mm Width: 24mm Weight: .20 lbs Deforms at: pulled to 20,000 lbs with no deformation

Sail22 Tips & Tricks: Melges 24 Custom Parts

Sail22 is in Newport, RI this week for the 2010 Melges 24 Nationals and thought we’d feature some of the custom parts we have available for the Melges 24. All three make life on the Melges 24 easier!e

Sail22 Tack Deflector: Another piece of bling for your boat! The Sail22 Tack Deflector prevents the tack of your spinnaker from getting caught on the set, instead of having the bungee cord across the deck. And it looks pretty too, doesn’t it?

Jib Block Cover: This pretty piece of carbon keeps your spinnaker from being sucked into the port jib block during take downs. Your sheet runs free and clear and your kite goes away smoothly. If you’ve ever had the spinnaker stuck there, you understand why this is necessary and if you haven’t, you really don’t want it to happen (aka rips in your spinnaker and ugly mark rounding).

L-Bracket Traveler System: Ever been on the low side and needed to adjust your traveler? It’s tough…but this system allows you to do it easily. Everyone that has switched to it swears by it. It’s an easy modification to simplify the skipper’s life.