Sail22 Tips & Tricks: McLube Hullkote

We’re off to the C-Scow Nationals this weekend at Chautauqua Lake and figured we share a favorite Sail22 Scow Spa trick. Did you know that McLube’s Hullkote is not only great for go fast bottoms, but also works as an amazing degreaser and cleaner?

The great thing about Hullkote is that it is citrus based is better for both you and the environment. Since citrus is a natural degreaser, it quickly works to remove the grime. Think about the smell and feel of the petroleum based teflon polishes. You might as well bathe your hands in gasoline with the traditional teflon product, but not with Hullkote, which has a fresh citrus scent (smells like oranges!) and cool lime green color. Click here for the directions for normal application of McLube’s Hullkote and here for the product specs which detail the how/why it works.

Whenever we have a really dirty spot on a boat, we’ll grab our favorite bottle of Hullkote and a rag and make a paste over the spot. If the whole boat is dirty (think city grit in Chicago or the lovely jet fuel in Annapolis), we’ll spray the boat down and then use the Hullkote to get her clean and fast. If the spot is really, really bad, apply the Hullkote liberally a second time, let it dry a little (it will be a light green, so it’s easy to find), break out your buffer or some elbow grease and you should be sparkling.

We’ll have plenty of McLube products at C-Scow Nationals, so look for us in our Sail22 shirts for a sample!

Chicago Strictly Sail

I had never been to the Chicago Strictly Sail show before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Chicago is a water loving community and the city has done a very nice job of making the waterfront accessible to everyone. The show in Chicago is held in Navy Pier, which is quite unlike the show Annapolis Boat Show and Strictly Sail Miami that I’ve been to. I heard from many people that I ran into that the show was approximately 25% smaller than it has been in the past and it did seem pretty small.

I started my day in the elevator with a man and his friend who had come to the show to buy a boat. He had his camera ready and he knew exactly what he wanted…something around 17 feet that could sleep 4 comfortably. And he was serious. I wonder if he found it?!? Even though the show was smaller, I do think it was a good sign that someone really did want to buy a boat and get into sailing.

I made stops at the booths of some of our vendors and had quick meetings. Of course, I had to explain to many of them why Ed wasn’t there. “He’s in Grenada for Grenada Sailing Festival. Poor guy, I know…Well, if it’s any consolation he is racing on a J24.” Luckily, I went last year and it is a great event. Can I say, I’m a little bit jealous though?!?

I met with Ron Miller from Nexus. He used to be our Tacktick rep, but has recently started at Nexus and their electronics products look interesting. We are happy to have this as an option for our clients when they are looking for new instruments.

Next up was a meeting with our rep, Nathan McKinley, from Kaenon. I ended up jumping in and helping him out as he became swamped with people wanting to check out the newest Kaenon shades. We’ll be placing an order for Kaenon’s to restock our supply in the next week after selling out of many of our styles at Key West Race Week. If there is anything you want us to order, let us know. Kaenon has many new styles and some great options in the lower price range now as well.

Ronstan was next and Ben Moon filled me on on the latest and greatest. The Orbit blocks, which are some of my personal favorites, have some new additions to the family. Instead of just having the becket, many now have a swivel head and shackle option. The new Jib Car Lead system look like it could be pretty sweet as well. The Carbon Battlesticks received a face lift this year too with a new grip for decreased hand fatigue.

The Melges booth was busy with both Harry, Andy and Jim Gluek showing off their beautiful boats. Melges 20 #160 and all of the scows smelled like they had just been pulled from the molds yesterday! I had my first opportunity to race on the Melges 20 at the first event of the Miami Melges 20 Winter Series in Coconut Grove in December and can’t wait for my next chance! The boat is a blast and feels a lot like the Melges 24, but at the end of the event, I could still feel both of my legs! I’m definitely sold…now to figure out how Sail22 will get one. If you are offered a chance to sail on one of these great little boats, find a way to make it happen!

Spinlock has one of my favorite products of all time, the Spinlock Knee Pad. They have saved my knees so many times on the Melges 24 and Farr 40. If you don’t have them, I highly recommend them. They have been upgraded a bit with a new higher density foam and are slightly more ergonomic. I am putting in an order this week to replenish the Sail22 stock for sure! Their Deck Vests are definitely the best if you are looking for an inflatable PFD and their clutches and jammers have new options for the jaws now too.

Unfortunately, I some how missed Ron Rosenberg from McLube. Look for a new McLube logo on our Sail22 trailer soon which is part of an ad that will be in Seahorse Magazine for the McLube products. I was fortunate they picked my photo to use for the ad and am looking forward to seeing it in print and on the trailer. As always, Sail22 highly recommends McLube HullKote, OneDrop and SailKote. We always have plenty in stock and samples as well, so stop by at the next event and see the new graphic and pick up a McLube sample!

A great group from the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club met at the show and visited our very own Rear Commodore, Matt Grant of SailRite. We discussed our upcoming season on Lake Maxinkuckee and then we headed to dinner at Ben Pao’s. Excellent food and company!

Sail22's Gear Must Haves for the Melges 24 Worlds

Do you have everything you need for the Melges 24 Worlds October 23-31, 2009 in Annapolis, MD? After living in Annapolis for 5 years, it can be pretty hit or miss on the weather. It’s currently raining, cold (in the 40′s) and there’s that bone chilling dampness present in the air. I don’t even think the ducks are enjoying the weather!

Last year’s Melges 24 North American’s were pretty cold and teams coming to the Worlds will need to be prepared. Here’s our list.

Highly Recommended things to Bring or Buy:
1) Dubarry Boots
-Ed has the Newports which were released this past Spring and really likes them. They
retail for $299 and have more support than any other Dubarry boots. The
sole is a sneaker style and they have the Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry! I’ve
had the Dubarry Annapolis (discontinued) for several years and wear them all of the
time. The Newport is a newer version of the Annapolis. If you don’t already have
Dubarry’s they are one of the best investments insailing gear you can make!
2) Great Foul Weather Gear
-Sail22 is proud to be a Henri Lloyd Elite Dealer. We have the full range of Henri Lloyd
gear available at and have plenty of gear available,  just
let us know what you’ll need. We highly recommend the TP2 Alpha Shadow 2G
Salopette and the TP2 Alpha Shadow 2G Smock & Hooded Smock. The nice thing
about the Hooded Smock is that it is a full spray top with a built in hood with Henri
Lloyd’s Optivision so that you can still see with your hood up!
3) Water Resistant Shorts
-This time of year is the perfect time to break out the heavier pairs of shorts. Henri
Lloyd makes a great pair, the TP2 Alpha Shadow Short. Everyone that we know that
has tried them raves about them.
4) Wicking Layers
-Dig out your ski stuff…seriously! Base layers, vests and jackets for sure. No matter
what, you are going to need them. We have lots of Henri Lloyd Atmosphere and and
Featherweight shirts, along with our new favorite jacket, the Henri Lloyd Fusion Soft
Shell. Many teams love the Patagonia and SLAM layers too.
5) Socks-Wool & Waterproof
-Last year at the Melges 24 North American’s we tried out the Dubarry wool socks
for the first time. They are our favorite wool socks for sailing. We also really like
our Smartwool socks and a must have is a pair of Gore-Tex Seal Skins.
6) Gloves, Hand Warmers & Winter Hats
-Check out the new Henri Lloyd Stealth Winter Gloves which are made of neoprene. I
can’t wait to try them out! Grab some hand warmers, they really do work for
warming your fingers up between races. Winter hats are a must too…we have some
Sail22 ones still, let us know if you are interested!
7) All of your regular sailing gear…after all…it is Annapolis and might be 80 and sunny…
We can only hope!

Henri Lloyd Teams up for Tuning Regatta

Sail22 and Henri Lloyd have teamed up to help support the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta in Annapolis, MD. We have some pretty big things lined up so stay tuned here as we start a relationship that plans to grow in the future.HenriLloydCowes

Morning Light DVD is on Sale Today

For those of you that loved the movie or wanted to see it but it never came to your area, here it is. I pre-ordered mine and it showed up today. Order yours today by clicking on the link below for DVD or Blue Ray Disk.