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Check out our new Sail22 Amazon Store for recommendations about some of Sail22‘s favorite products. We’ll be adding a Sail22 Store soon as well with other products, such as our custom Melges 24 parts, geared to our clients. Let us know if there is anything you think we should add or you would like to know more about!

Detroit NOOD Day 1

Melges 24 Jib Block Cover

Melges 24 Jib Block Cover

We were able to get in 3 races in light air yesterday at the Detroit NOOD. Michael’s team started off the regatta strong with a 6th in the first race. They are currently in 12th. Becky’s team struggled yesterday and was 160 pounds light, which made things tough. The team will have more weight today, since we are taking out an additional person who wants to learn to sail. Today looks like moderate air 8-15 and flat water which should be good.

Sail22′s Custom Melges 24 parts are very popular with the boats they are on! Check out our carbon Jib Block Guard and our Lifeline guards along with our traveler brackets and backstay ferrule here. Please contact us for more information or to order.

Sail22 is now a Velocitek Dealer



If you are in need of improving your sailing game by knowing how fast you are going or being able to go full speed all of the time then maybe a Velocitek is the right tool for you.  Sail22 is now a Velocitek dealer.  We will have the SC-1 and new Speedpuck’s in Charleston and Annapolis so come and check them out.  We will also be working with Velocitek to get ready for the Melges 24 Worlds.  You can use the GPS function on the GPS to track your races and practices.  Compare your speeds and routes with other boats and see why one boat was faster.  Give us a call if you are interested.

Sail22 goes to Glue U

West System Headquarters

West System Headquarters

Here is a little write up from Ed’s Dad, Bill Furry, on his trip to Glue U to learn about West System Epoxy.  He and my cousin, Bill Becker went in Ed’s place as we were doing more important work at the Tobago Carnival Regatta and then on to a trip to Barbados.

Glue ‘U’ or more correctly “Boat Repair and Composite Technology Two-Day Professional Level Seminar/Workshop Course”. Put on by the Technical and Management Staff of Gougeon Brothers, Inc., or better known as WEST SYSTEM, INC….

I included all of the above titles, because that is exactly what the course entailed.  A very professional, hands-on introduction to their products for novices, as myself, but a lot of technical knowledge for ‘old timers’ and users of their products for many years. And they showed you the tools to use.  More importantly they gave you their knowledge and ‘tricks’ learned from their research.  But also the feed back and knowledge of their customers. Their support is unparalleled. It is like having your own R & D team working for you 24/7. Just give them a call.

I was one of two team members from SAIL22 attending the seminar, to gain further knowledge and also learn what is new, such as, the Six10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive.

The seminar was a no nonsense, two day 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM presentation.  Their technical staff covered it all. Basic Application Techniques, Fiberglass  Repair, Gelcoat Blister Repair, Vacuum Bagging Techniques, Wooden Boat Restoration and Repair,Final Fairing & Finishing, Fastener Bonding, Composite Structures and Product Safety,

We use WEST SYSTEM, in the field, to get our clients up and running, between races if necessary. Plus we have found ways to use their system to modify and adopt equipment for our own special needs and specifications.

Two days well spent!!