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Melges 32 Gold Cup 2010 Team Galleries

S22_5516 Links to the team galleries from the Melges 32 Gold Cup 2010:















Dawn Raid


Lake Effect

Team Barbarians




Fleet & Starts


Sailing Updates for the Melges 32 Gold Cup

We are very excited for the upcoming Melges 32 Gold Cup this week and will be doing our live coverage on Sailing Updates and of course our Sail22 photography of these fast & fun boats. Please check out all of our great sponsors who are helping to make this coverage possible and let them know how much you appreciate their sponsorship of Sailing Updates for the Melges 32 Gold Cup. We wouldn’t be there without the generous support of Point Loma Outfitting, Hillman Capital Management, New England Ropes, Gorilla Rigging, Atlantic Yacht Rigging and McConaghy Boats McConaghy 38. We also thank the Melges 32 Class for working with us to make it possible as well.

To get you in the Melges mood, check out some photos from last year’s Melges 32 Gold Cup here!

J80 Worlds 2010 Team Photo Galleries

S22_5158Click on the sail number link to see photos in each individual team gallery. More photos will be uploaded to the team galleries shortly. The full J80 Worlds 2010 photo gallery can be found here. Enjoy!


CAN 156

DEN 1312

ESP 635
ESP 774
ESP 783
ESP 859
ESP 899
ESP 977
ESP 1041
ESP 1133
ESP 1149
ESP 1188

FRA 1256

GER 507
GER 1183

ITA 1094

SWE 236
SWE 513
SWE 621

USA 19
USA 44
USA 49
USA 59
USA 127
USA 156
USA 174
USA 176
USA 204
USA 221
USA 256
USA 284
USA 285
USA 286
USA 330
USA 336
USA 364
USA 381
USA 364
USA 381
USA 407
USA 443
USA 444
USA 485
USA 546
USA 554
USA 588
USA 655
USA 667
USA 702
USA 738
USA 739
USA 808
USA 1001
USA 1002
USA 1123
USA 1151
USA 1152
USA 1153
USA 1163
USA 1172
USA 1173
USA 1313

J80 Worlds Day 2 Photos

Here’s a sample of some of the photo gallery from Day 2 of the J80 Worlds. The full gallery can be found here. Make sure you are following all of the action at!





J80 Worlds and by Sail22

We had a blast yesterday on the water updating live from the J80 Worlds with our new version of Sailing Updates. We are very grateful to our wonderful sponsors for the J80 Worlds Sailing Updates: North Sails One Design, New England Ropes, Atlantic Yacht Rigging Services, Gorilla Rigging, Swift Morris and the great support of J-Boats and the J80 Worlds 2010.

Some of my favorite photos from the day are mixed in with some of Paul Todd’s from Outside Images. If you like what you see, make sure you check out the J80 Worlds 2010 Book. The full Sail22 J80 Worlds photo gallery can be found here.