Melges 24 North Americans 2010 Team Photo Galleries

S22_0945The main gallery for the Melges 24 North Americans is now up and located here. Photo gallery links for each team from the Melges 24 North Americans hosted by Rochester Yacht Club are posted below. All images are © 2010 Becky DaMore/ Full results can be found here. Thanks to the regatta organizers and the Rochester Yacht Club for hosting a great event!

Pete Cucci Matador USA 750

Rob Butler The Beaver CAN 800

Dan Kasteler Hoodlum Racing USA 740

Dave Black Black Dog CAN 121

Henry Filter Wild Child USA 721

Alan Field WTF USA 811

August Hernandez High Voltage USA 533

Steve Kopf Blur-Pacific Energy Ventures USA 773

Greg Fornal Velocita USA 491

Nick Amendola Entourage Racing USA 566
Charlie Hess FUNTECH Racing USA 615

Todd McKenzie Nobody’s Girl USA 200

George Haynie Firewater USA 687

Peter Hansen Byrr CAN 364

Uri Saks 723 CAN 723

Adam & Lori Burns Presto USA 378

Kevin Morgan Bellatrix USA 102

Ken Gray The Djinn USA 175

John Koten Planet Claire USA 774


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